Independent K-8 School

Independent K-8 School

Strategic Plan

This school reached a promising juncture: With a dynamic new head, community interest peaked and enrollment in lower grades grew along with the school’s reputation. An earlier three-year strategic plan was successfully implemented. Construction of a new science and art wing wrapped up swiftly. Yet middle-school enrollment was uncertain, with some families opting for placement at competitive, neighboring schools well in advance of high school.


Although a movement toward expansion beyond eighth grade was under way, the board recognized that a decision to acquire land and build had to emerge from a vision for the future, not from a small group of vocal donor families. Others in the school community expressed concern that the school was on too rapid a course of change that might take a toll on already-weary faculty.


A new strategic plan would provide an opportunity for engagement across the school community that encouraged aims for future growth to emerge from both a series of pedagogical goals and from the school’s vision for its students’ success.

Product &

• Designed a comprehensive strategic planning process that engaged the entire board and administration, as well as a broad representation of faculty and parents to ensure all voices were heard; set four compelling goals for the school to guide its development.
• Built consensus around the initiation of a feasibility study for a new high school as an outgrowth of the school’s long-term vision.