Large Jewish Community Center

Large Jewish Community Center

Business Plan

Responding to the growth of the Jewish population in this racially diverse central city neighborhood, a historic Jewish community center received a sizable, multi-year grant to develop a Jewish culture track within its popular afterschool program. It needed to assess interest among families; develop a responsive program; identify the right staffing model, budget, and educational partners; and implement an evaluation regimen to measure success.


The Community Center aimed to craft a program focused on Jewish culture but open to, and inclusive of, its multi-ethnic and multi-religious population, including many interfaith families.


A pilot, semester-long program, in partnership with three Jewish organizations, each experienced in working with diverse populations in three content areas (respectively): multicultural education, farming and environmental stewardship, and fine arts

Product &

• Conducted interviews and focus groups with a cross-section of community parents to learn about family needs and interests.
• Identified and vetted a short list of prospective partner organizations that could deliver exciting, child-centered experiential activities.
• Developed a program model, learning goals, teacher position description, and parent evaluation survey.
• Coached the Community Center’s afterschool coordinator throughout program implementation.