Large Regional University

Large Regional University

Strategic Plan

This multi-campus university, respected regionally for its strong programs in the sciences, recently experienced a steep decline in its graduation rate and financial position. A complicated union structure, fractious faculty-administration relationships, and significant differences in the composition of students and faculty on its suburban and rural campuses added further complications.


The university’s new president needed to rally the faculty and staff around a dynamic vision to reposition the school as a national player in higher education, while staying financially competitive in its metropolitan region.


An inclusive committee of faculty and staff guided a comprehensive strategic planning process. Committee members studied findings from dozens of roundtable conversations with a cross-section of the entire university community and designed to unite the institution’s various divides.

Product &

• Crafted a strategic plan framework, driven by research findings, composed of visionary goals and achievable objectives embraced by the faculty and administration.
• Developed a process for detailed tactical planning, to flow from the strategic plan framework and to be conducted at each campus and in each department by faculty and staff.