Multi-Campus Regional College

Multi-Campus Regional College

Plan Implementation

A regional college with multiple campuses has myriad strengths: a positive reversal in fiscal health; strong programs in health sciences and education; and national recognition for serving its diverse students, which include first-generation, Latino and military veteran learners. Its leadership, however, needed help implementing a recently adopted strategic plan, crafted by the board and administration.


The school’s provost had to rally the deans, administrative leadership, and faculty – during a search for a new president – around dramatically boosting undergraduate completion rates in a competitive higher-education marketplace. With limited experience in planning, the campus leadership needed training to develop clear tactical plans and a timetable for implementation.


The provost’s office engaged Plan A to both train faculty and staff to translate high-level strategic goals into understandable tactics, and to help administrators reach out to a cross-section of faculty leaders and staff to achieve “buy-in.”

Product &

• Coached schools and units within the college on development of detailed tactical plans, and coached the college’s leadership team in prioritizing projects for the first year of implementation.
• Worked with the college’s institutional advancement office on a fundraising and communications plan to further strategic plan implementation.
• Produced a public presentation on the strategic plan and tactical spreadsheets for all initiatives.