Regional Counseling Center

Regional Counseling Center

Board Retreat

A regional human services agency engaged Plan A Advisors to lead a pivotal one-day board retreat. Each year, the agency helps thousands of area clients overcome psychological, social and cultural barriers as they strive to develop brighter futures, both at home and in the workplace.


The nonprofit had unmet goals for its board: New members needed orientation, better integration and motivation, while the entire board needed to accept an enhanced fundraising role. The CEO sought a bolder vision for the whole agency, one that would energize and align the board in working toward a stronger financial future. To that end, the organization required a more clearly defined set of board responsibilities and a “reimagining” of its role in fundraising, especially in the face of cyclical budgetary uncertainties.


Plan A Advisors led the executive staff and board through the joint development of a more robust agency vision, one with a healthier balance sheet to ensure continuity for its stellar programs. The board recognized its critical role in safeguarding the agency’s long-term financial sustainability and therefore made fundraising a priority for the current board and in recruiting new members.

Product &

• Implemented a pre-retreat board survey on such issues as governance, structure and mission.
• Summarized early findings in a “SWOT” analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), for board and management to address in the coming years.
• Developed a vision statement – an aspirational view of what the group hopes to achieve in the near future.
• Conducted “breakout” sessions on fundraising goals, assessment of board performance, and recruitment of additional members.*
• Prioritized retreat outcomes into three overarching areas of board engagement: agency branding/identity; campaign for sustainability; and ongoing board development.

*The board later adopted a customized “report card” for annual member assessment designed in the breakout session with Plan A’s guidance.