Regional Hospice & Palliative Care Provider

Regional Hospice & Palliative Care Provider

Fundraising Plan

An agency that provides comprehensive hospice and palliative care in a metropolitan region had to prepare for its financial future against strong headwinds: surging costs for care delivery, reduced federal reimbursement, and aggressive competition. The agency’s high quality service, which allows terminally ill patients to die with dignity, was underutilized and under-recognized within its market.


The agency turns away no one, and offers a full range of often-innovative services to every patient, regardless of reimbursement rates or patients’ ability to pay. Philanthropy makes up for budget shortfalls. But its board was not built to meet its fundraising goals and its fundraising programs were timeworn.


Plan A Advisors developed a fundraising business plan with a series of specific, tactical recommendations designed to lead to a substantial increase in contributed support from both existing and new donors. The plan identifies four major areas of necessary investment for philanthropic growth: branding and identity; board development; new fundraising programs; and marketing and cultivation.

Product &

• Engaged those closest to the agency, some two dozen individuals, in a creative and deep process of discovery.
• Summarized early findings in a “SWOT” analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
• Developed and “tested” a case for support with prospective donors and opinion leaders.
• Conducted a thorough audit of fundraising programs, staffing structure, communications and systems.
• Analyzed board participation in fundraising to guide substantive changes in board composition and function.
• Final fundraising business plan endorsed by the board, which also adopted recommendations for implementation.