Suburban Public Library

Suburban Public Library

Campaign Feasibility Study

This public library, a defining institution in its well-to-do suburban community, has experienced a surge in visits and circulation despite the popularity of Amazon and e-readers. But a community-wide strategic planning process reinforced what libraries across the nation have recognized: Their primary use has shifted from transactional to social, from informational to intellectual. T this public library’s outdated facilities did not address these changing patterns of use.


The client developed a dynamic plan for a comprehensive renovation, built on the findings of its strategic plan and as ambitious in scope as other leading public libraries in the region. Yet the level of public funding was uncertain and would not cover the full cost. And even though the local community is wealthy, it had little history of major philanthropic support for the public library; its residents have deep engagements in other philanthropic interests.


A multi-phased campaign readiness strategy would identify a prospective donor pool, introduce the project to the community, develop voluntary campaign leadership, secure public funding, and draft and test the case for philanthropic support. A long-term prospect development and cultivation strategy was also in order.

Product &

• Conducted a campaign feasibility study to test and refine the case for donor support.
• Identified a cadre of prospective campaign leaders and likely campaign donors.
• Secured $8 million in public funding to be matched with private support.
• Designed and launched a detailed plan to build a prospect pool and cultivate ongoing backing.