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All About Endowments

All About Endowments Choosing Guidance (6th in a series of 6) Well-structured endowments, managed by strong endowment committees, can generate recurring returns for a nonprofit that serve as a reliable source of unrestricted operating support or a welcome source of support for restricted purposes. Finding the right individual to guide and manage endowment is an important and consequential decision. Choosing Guidance Like any individual or foundation with invested assets, nonprofits have a range of choices around whom to entrust with, and where to place,

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Doubling Down on Nonprofits in 2018: Being an Effective Leader

From January 24, 2018

What does it take to be an effective nonprofit leader at a time of uncertainty and challenge?

Dr. Steve Axelrod, a psychologist who coaches executives in business and the nonprofit sector, says leaders must convey their own sense of commitment with passion and energy.

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Strategic Planning 101

Strategic Planning 101 Plans Are Made to Be Changed (7th in a series of 7) Strategic planning is increasingly a core business practice employed widely by nonprofits to re-examine and refresh the programs and services they provide within the context of a clear vision for the impact they wish to have as they fulfill their mission. This series of seven eblasts provides a “how to” guide so you can do it yourself, or an overview of the process you might expect from a

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